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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Paint with Oil Paints

 this time since I was there a duty to practice exams art oil painting, we will discuss a little bit. While here I also still learning, there's no harm in it we learn together?

What are the materials needed to paint?

Actually, to be studied painting we do need to spend the inside. Examples of painting tools like the picture above. Figure itupun his tools is cheap you know of friends (yes because of my purchase). The knife just not the original painting. So, basically we have to be smart to choose and utilize TSB goods.

Let's take apart one of the ...

1. Brush

Definitely my friends already know dong painting tools on this one? Brush painting is a must-have tool, yes if not with a brush, with what ya dong?
Brush here there is an assortment of large, small, very small, pointed tip, flat tip, the tip of a fan and others. I think a suitable brush to brush it a great background with thick fur like the first image above, because if a small brush and the color takes a long time to be too thick.
If a large brush so we can adjust the colors muted.

Brush the pointy end nan slim fitting to draw a tree, especially for the branch. Brush painting is suitable for small or distant objects.

2. Palette
Huh palette? that for girls memelet it? Eitt .. pellets were friends. Different again the case. This tool is very important you know the painting, especially oil paint. Because if you do not use hard pellets eh palette dong, willing to put where trying to paint? In the paper? O can not ... due to oil paint, oil paint his name there can be translucent like if you put oil on paper.
Sure, the palette is hard to find in stores unless the paint shop / gallery. Generally difficult, as I've muter-muter looking pallet can not find it, knowing a small town. Well, the idea of ​​my mom be a palette-paletan:
Iih ... hell yes it? It was the embodiment of LJK base for the test. Kereatip're friends? Actually the palette besilah okay but what may make for not meet the original palette, palette palsupun so.
A must try! Hahaha

3. Palette Knife

Well, this one is my friends who are just learning the art of painting must be confused. Why no knife painting everything huh? Emangnya want to cook? Not not! This particular knife to smooth the paint as the picture (right) on top of ya. Usually to make iceberg nah we averaged ice mountain with a knife. Well, this time I did not see the original palette knife then I use a knife-pisauan like the first picture above. Such a tool is mortar yah?

4. Canvas

Still the most important tool, is suitable for painting canvas oil paints. Due to the nature of the fabric-canvas-that does not absorb the oil. If paper-is-my practice later so transparent and the results are not optimal. Good canvas is usually expensive. Uh, you know the quality of the canvas needs to be considered. Because results are ugly canvas usually bad.

5. Oil paint

In general, the required color to paint the color of the primary, secondary, tertiary, as well as black and white
Primary Color: basic color that stands alone, not the result of a mixture, namely blue, red, and yellow.

Secondary Color: Color That mixed results two primary colors, eg orange (red + yellow) green (blue + yellow) Violet (red + blue)
Tertiary colors: the color of the resulting mixture of three colors (can be mixed primary / secondary)

But, if my friends feel bothered thinking how to mix colors better buy oil paint with full color yes. Different oil paint with watercolors you know, ya look of his name. If it does not fit watercolor mixed with oil, should with water (yaiyalah).

6. Oil Paint / Diluent

Oil paints use to thin oil paint itself. I was also confused as to why oil should be mixed his paints when it was paint 'oil'? Ya might be more watery and not rigid and more easily mixed. Although oil paint itself contains oil but we should continue to use this oil.

7. Standing / Easel
If your friends do not have no daddy really well, as long as the canvas can stand and shake. Because it is the function of the tool is that the canvas upright and do not shake.

8. Thinner / kerosene
Confused, after painting? Difficult to wash the brush with water? It's easy really, oil wash with oil. the negative (-) and negative (-) be positive! Uh, yeah anyway that will not be washed thoroughly with water paint. Another way is by Thinner.

Well why even discuss his tools anyway? Though the title How To Paint with Oil Paints?

Yes, I give you a video on how to paint:


Video tutorials please follow these vibrantly 1-4. As concrete evidence I've tried the way the father of Michael and the results are 99% fail. T_T

              Results renovation please see above yourself yah!

Originally the water so the sewage, the original fir so???
Plus the colors are not desirable (red and white) negligence I could be there.

There is another video that might be easier:


Well it seems easy huh? But after my practice.

It was better than the spectacle of the above.